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Autumn-Winter Show 2022/2023 at Art Roundhay Park

Two of my paintings were on show for the Winter show at Art Roundhay Park, Leeds between 29th October 2022 - 23rd January 2023.

The gallery is situated in the 'Mansion' in Roundhay Park. You can visit a great gallery, go on a scenic walk and grab some lunch from various cafes all in one go.

Those paintings were:

'Looking through the snow at Cowling Pinnacle' was painted from the top of one of my parents fields in early 2022. Cowling Pinnacle sits on Earl Crag above the village Cowling, North Yorkshire. Along with Lunds Tower, which also sits on the Crag, they are locally called the 'Salt and Pepper Pots'.

'Top of the Hill' was painted after I noticed a rocky skyline above Silsden, West Yorkshire. I couldn't get close enough so I snapped a blurry photograph. The blurriness actually allowed me to see the blocks of colour more clearly, allowing me to translate this into the painting.

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